Free Corporate Fax to Email Services

CSFAX is a web-based Fax to Email and Email to Fax solution for South African based companies & individuals who want to send faxes from their PC’s.

No new fax hardware or software required. See how our South African based fax to email system works! Simply complete the fax number registration form below.

CSfax is a leading provider of email-based fax services with focus on the provision of hosted fax solutions for South African business enterprises and individuals. Faxes sent to the fax number is converted to a .pdf file and then sent an email with a fax attached to the selected email address.

We are the best priced free corporate fax solution to foreign countries and by far cheapest within South Africa due to our high volumes in a truly internet hosted fax service.

South African Fax to Email Service

CSFAX easy fax to email solution is the most dependable, cost-effective In-bound & Out-bound fax service available that will undoubtedly maximise your companies overall efficiency and save a ton of money.

CS FAX Subscribers are not billed when receiving faxes to their email accounts.

Benefits Of Free Fax to Email Solutions



  • Telkom only charges the sender for the phone/fax call (as they would anyway).
  • Instant registration and simple to use webfax interface.
  • Simply the smartest way to arrogate all your high volume business faxes.
  • 08660 Faxes will be stored / archived on-line for 5 years (free of charge, regardless of volume).
  • Business / company class fax services means 24/7/365 availability.
  • Recieve multiple fax files simultaneously and seamlesly (never lose a fax again).
  • A the complete fax document solution for individuals, businesses and corporates.

Receive your faxes in your e-mail. You can elect either .tif, .pdf or .ps file formats as well as be able to send faxes to and from your email client. quickly and instantly. Signing up is easy and can be done online.

CS Fax to Email is a no-cost, no-maintenance web fax product. This means that once registered you will probably never need to pay a cent to receive faxes again. The fax out services (or sending fax from your email to a fax number.)

Outbound Fax Sending

  • Business grade out-bound faxing.
  • Email to Fax = Productivity.
  • Print to eFax.
  • Send Multiple Documents.
  • Full accounting of fax credits.

Inbound Fax Receiving

  • World class inbound fax delivery.
  • PS,PDF and TIFF file formats.
  • 100% Encrypted.
  • 5 year internet fax storage.
  • FREE Fax Number for life.

This is the most conclusive free fax 2 email solution in South Africa. Faxes sent 2 you will go straight to your email in-box in realtime and will be archived securely!

With Fax 2 mail you do not have any special hardware or software installed to receive a fax.

All your fax messages received as an e-mail with an attached pdf, which in the subject has all the right tracking details so any fax can always be traced back. Of course you can choose to receive the same fax to multiple email addresses. You will get a personal fax number where you have the possibility to use as your company’s fax number, you can also choose to forward your current fax number to this number.

Free online fax services to receive faxes on your computer. Send fax through email with our free online fax to email service, sign up today.