We all want convenience. That’s just the way the world has been moving for many years and these days, if we can’t get what we want quickly and easily, we prefer to abandon the whole thing. Why then, are people still using old and outdated fax machines? If it is convenience you are looking for, you definitely can’t go wrong with an email to fax system. You see, fax 2 email is the new and more convenient way of doing business, of getting your personal documents in and out and even of having a chat with friends.

Fax 2 email is ‘the new black’ and those who are still chained to their old fashioned fax machines should be wary, fax to email is here to stay. Fax to email South Africa has not taken off in quite the way that it has internationally, but we all know that when the likes of Europe and America set a trend, South Africa is not far behind. When it comes to free fax to email, this is with good reason because it is a system that makes sense, and that may change your life. Why not give online faxing a try the next time you’re considering sending out a document and save yourself some time, money and effort?