How Fax to Email Can Benefit Your Business


More and more businesses of all types and sizes are beginning to make the switch over to email to fax technology. This has in fact prompted the question, is the fax machine as we know it dead? There are many industry experts who believe that the conventional fax machine’s day are numbered and for many different reasons.

Fax machines, no matter how advanced, are still bulky pieces of office equipment and even the most advanced digital fax machines are prone to break down and require regular and thorough servicing in order to keep them running at optimum condition. Fax machines also contribute a large portion of any businesses monthly running budget or overheads as all fax machines require an endless supply of consumable stock such as paper and ink.

Fax machines also require a dedicated telephone line as well as a dedicated and uninterrupted power supply. The world is becoming more and more environmentally conscious and more and more businesses are going green in an effort to reduce their environmental carbon foot print. Fax machines are fairly big consumers of electrical energy as most are on every day, twenty four hours a day. This is obviously not ideal in terms of environmental impact. Paper and ink are also not necessarily environmentally friendly.

Switching over to a hosted fax to email service is one of the easiest ways to improve your carbon foot print which in turn will improve your overall business profile. Switching over to fax to email services makes a great deal of sense as it would automatically reduce your running costs by more than fifty percent because you will no longer need to keep a constant supply of fax related consumables such as paper and ink, you also no longer need to have a dedicated fax telephone line installed.

There are many other benefits to switching over to a fax to email service. Your business productivity level is sure to rise while your operating costs drop. This is because the fax to email service is a virtual service, it uses the internet and your regular business email address to send and receive faxes. This means that every one of your employees can access the company fax without having to queue at the fax machine like they would have in the past, increasing productivity and turnaround times. Every employee can also have their own personal fax number on the same account.