CS FAX , the best fax to email and email to fax solution available. Leaders in the Fax to Email and FaxOut Management Solutions.

CS FAX, web-based Fax to Email solutions require no new hardware, software or capital investment and can be implemented quickly and easily.

Take a closer look at our proven, easy to use, reliable, cost-effective Inbound and Outbound fax solution that will really increase your business efficiency.

FaxIn Cost of service and receiving faxes
R0.00, the service, the number everything, for FREE.. how can it be free??

CSFAX earns revenue through a rebate system from Telkom for calls made to the allocated numbers.

This revenue is sufficient for 0866Fax to support this fax reception service at
no charge to the end user, yet still delivering a corporate level service.Mobile numbers – R 2.00/m
Non FaxPl@form 0866 numbers – R 2.126/m
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