CSfax partner support for small, medium and large companies.

Once you have registered your free fax number you will recieve full instructions on how to setup your email client to be able to send and recieve faxes online. There is a full service help guide in the fax system that will enable you to trouble shoot all the common problems with recieving and sending your faxes. Should you wish to speak to one of our call centre agents simply log a support call.

What is a free 086 fax number?

086 premium rated numbers are available in all locations of South Africa. This email number is your fax number for life & will continue to remain active so long as you keep useing it. If the number remains inactive for 3 months it will expire and be returned to the available number pool.

Fax 2 Email Overview How do I receive free faxes?
CSFax’s Fax to Email number enables you to instantly register to send & receive fax transmissions on virtually any internet connected device from your office computer, home computer to your cellphone or Laptop. It’s as simple as sending or recieving an email. All faxes are sent directly to your registered email address as a PDF or TIFF attachment.